LOCATE - Visual Localization in Natural Environments

Martin Čadík
CPhoto@FIT, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

Keywords: LOCATE, visual localization, vision based localization, image geolocation, visual odometry, geo-localization, geo-tagging, image to model registration, Terrain-Aided Navigation (TAN), Terrain Referenced Navigation (TRN), vision based navigation, correlating measured terrain with digital terrain model, 3D alignment, re-photography, cross-domain registration, extrinsic calibration, 6 dof, photograph peak tagging, automatic geo-registration, camera pose estimation


Project LOCATE deals with localization in natural environments. The aim is to accurately find the location and orientation of the camera which captured the image. We introduce a system for automatic alignment of the query photo with a geo-referenced 3D terrain model. We propose a new alignment metric to accurately predict the camera orientation succeeding the large-scale visual localization step. Having a sufficiently accurate match between a photograph and a 3D model offers new possibilities for image enhancement. It can be used to transform photographs into a realistic virtual 3D experience, e.g. to automatically highlight elements in the image, such as the travel path taken, names of mountains, or other landmarks. Furthermore, the synthetic depth map, and/or the whole 3D model of the queried photo, can be used for novel view synthesis, image relighting, dehazing or refocusing.


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Camera orientation estimation:

[CVPR 2011 Oral Paper (pdf)]
[CVPR 2011 Supplementary materials (pdf)]
[Video (avi)]
[CVPR 2011 Talk (pdf)]
[JVCIR 2016 Paper (pdf)]
[Comparison of Semantic Segmentation Approaches for Horizon/Sky Line Detection - IJCNN Paper 2017]

Camera elevation estimation:

[BMVC 2015 Paper (pdf)]
[BMVC 2015 Supplementary materials (project webpage)]
[BMVC 2015 Extended abstract (pdf)]
[BMVC 2015 Poster (pdf)]

Camera pose estimation from lines:

[Absolute Pose Estimation from Line Correspondences using Direct Linear Transformation - CVIU 2017 Paper (pdf)]
[BMVC 2015 Paper (pdf)]
[BMVC 2015 Poster (pdf)]
[BMVC 2015 code (Matlab)]

Evaluation of visual geo-localization methods:

[HiVisComp 2015 Poster (pdf)]
[State-of-the-Art in Visual Geo-localization - Pattern Analysis and Applications (pdf)]
[GeoPose3K: Mountain Landscape Dataset for Camera Pose Estimation in Outdoor Environments - Image and Vision Computing (pdf)]

Computational photography applications:

[Computational photography - Habilitation Thesis]
[HDR Video Metrics (pdf)]

Visual Localization in Natural Environments

Visual geolocation


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