Brno University of Technology
Faculty of Information Technology

Computational Photography

Habilitation Thesis

Author: Martin Čadík,

Alexander Wilkie
Josef Kohout
Michal Kozubek

Date: October 2014

Martin Čadík's [Habilitation thesis (145MB, PDF)]


This thesis presents thirteen research papers on computational photography which I have published, with my colleagues, since 2007. Three articles address high dynamic range (HDR) imaging. An analysis and evaluation of HDR tone mapping methods is shown, and two novel methods for image and video tone mapping are proposed. Two papers concern themselves with color-to-grayscale image conversions. A new adaptive perception-based conversion is presented, and a thorough evaluation of existing color-to-grayscale image conversions is performed. Five of the presented articles contribute to image and video quality assessment. A novel dynamic range independent video quality metric is proposed, and an HDR video dataset for validation of such metrics is published. New full-reference and a no-reference metrics for assessing image quality are proposed, and an analysis of state-of-the-art image metrics is performed. Finally, three papers enable advanced image editing. The concept of visually significant edges is advocated and implemented, and a new approach to multiscale image contrast editing is proposed. A newly developed automatic photo-to-terrain registration method makes advanced model-based image enhancements and manipulations possible.

Eight of the presented papers were published in impacted international journals including ACM Transactions on Graphics and Computer Graphics Forum, and one paper was accepted to the prestigious oral track at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference. The other articles were published at established conferences in the field. The thesis contains an introductory part, followed by a brief overview of the contributions presented in the articles, and it concludes with possible avenues for future work. Reprints of the mentioned papers are enclosed in appendices.


computational photography, perception, human visual system, experimental evaluation, HDR, tone mapping, color to gray, image quality assessment, video quality assessment, image comparison, image editing, image to model registration

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